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Pandit Hitesh Guruji (, Mpm, LLB)

Expert in Asthi Visarjan, Pind Daan, Dashkirya Vidhi

Pandit Hiteshbhai Talajia (Guruji) is a renowned astro-scholar established as an expert in Asthi Visarjan, Pind daan, and Kundali consultation in Nashik. With over 25 years of experience in the field of astrology guruji have performed 12000+ Asthi visarjan and Pind daan kriya gratifying the yajmans with 100% satisfaction.

Coming from a legacy of a family which has a background of over 50 years in astrology, Guruji hold expertise in Kalsarp dosh pooja, Tripindi Shraaddh, Narayan Nagbali, Nakshatra Shanti, Rudrabhisheka, Lghurudra, Nav Chandi, Sat Chandi, Vastu Shanti, Pran Pratishtha, Maha Mrityunjaya path, Grah Yadnya, Vivah Sanskar, Tarpan, Pind Daan and other vidhis.

Famous Pandit

Panditji are famous of kalsarp pooja for their good result.

100% Dosh Removal

Guruji have an expertise in removing kalsarp dosh form kundali

24/7 Consultation

Guruji offers free consultation of kundali & astrology.

Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja
in Trimbakeshwar, Nashik

Are your wishes not getting fulfilled despite your sincere efforts? As if something is hindering your success? Unfortunately when all planets in a Birth chart are hemmed in between Rahu and ketu it forms a Kal sarp dosha in a kundali. A highly afflicted chart might experience this dosha cancelling out all other good yoga’s in a kundali.

Under the expert guidance and Poojas performed by Guruji, Kal sarp Dosha can be nullified within the Kundali and you can unlock the true potential of your Horoscope.

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